h3dii test – part ii

When I test any camera or lens, there are several tests I like to shoot. Sharpness is important for the lens, but dynamic range is also key factor.

Again, the H3DII blew my mind. Here’s pretty much the whole tonal spectrum and the camera held incredible detail in the shadows all the way up to the highlights. I thought it was an HDR shot when I first pulled it up.

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  1. schmee says:

    in barcelona, jen and i went in to a FNAC to find some CD and in their electronics section they had an H3D sitting in a glass case with a bunch of prosumer cameras. it looked really out of place.

    also, it was awkward when security wrestled the crowbar out of my hand.

  2. Eddie says:

    How much post processing did you do to get this? The dynamic range is incredible, I thought you were playing with HDR when I pulled up your blog today.

  3. Jeff Ambrose says:

    Wish I could afford one, I'd join your forum in a heartbeat.

  4. Lincoln says:

    I can't afford one right now either, but fortunately I can rent it pretty easily.

    No processing on this shot, other than my standard color adjustments. It's pretty much straight off the RAW file. Crazy huh?

  5. Gerald says:

    That really is extraordinary; incredible detail and DR. If you owned this camera, would you ever shoot film again?

  6. Lincoln says:

    I would shoot film again to get the look of film. No digital adjustment or filter looks quite like high quality b&w or color neg film. You just can't fake it.

    But, most of my jobs have such short turnaround, that I don't have the time to shoot film anymore. I would still shoot it for some personal work.

  7. Mike says:

    Never realised that lens is an important factor in range. I thought that was solely the film/sensor!

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