bonny doon

bonny doon
Wow, that’s probably the longest stretch of not posting in the history of my little photoblog here. My apologies to you all. Fall is coming, I’m booked through October, I’m getting married in November, and I’m so busy I’ve just hired my first employee (more on that later). I’ve had to put personal work aside for the time being.

But that shot of the La Quinta love seat was killing me. This is a much better shot to see everyday for a while. This is off highway 101 about 10 miles North of Santa Cruz. I was there 2 weeks ago for a shoot for UBS. Fun trip!

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  1. Quinn says:

    Very beautiful man, I was actually going to comment to see where you had gone off too but sounds like you will be really busy in the next few months.

    B&W brings out the tones in this photo, so amazing!

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via @lincolnbarbour on Instagram...

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