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Back in my early web design days, I worked in this tiny 800 square foot office with five other guys whose ages ranged from 21 to 60. Our wood laminate desks were back to back in rows, so you felt isolated even though you were two feet away. We had a white drop ceiling with fluorescent lighting and two windows that didn’t open. It was also in a loud industrial park for a phone company. Needless to say, it was a miserable place to work, but it was my first “real” job, so what did I know.

Fast forward 11 years when I go to meet Chris Erickson at his top notch design firm’s office in the OMCC Building. My jaw just dropped. Parliament is an amazing space and I was just blown away by how cool it was. If my office looked this good back then, I would never have quit.

The space is true a reflection of Parliament’s aesthetic of quality, clean design, and superb execution. A lot of thought went behind every detail in the spaces all spearheaded by Chris’s great design sense and collaboration with master carpenter Kyle Sharp. Everything from the slat walls to the pizza oven work table was crafted with amazing amount of care and effort. I really had a great time shooting the interiors and think we got some really good stuff. Check it out:



All the posters are original screen prints. Chris has a huge collection. This isn’t even a quarter of them.








How cool is this table?!?!

23 Responses to “Parliament Interiors”

  1. damien says:

    place looks awesome. great pics.

  2. Jason says:

    How much / what kind of introduced lighting do you use when you shoot interiors?

    • Lincoln Barbour says:

      Hi Jason,

      For this shoot, I used 650W Arri tungsten fresnel hot lights with half blue gels as my fill. It was easier to match the available light that way. But all the shots are mostly available light. Exposure times we’re around 3-4 seconds. This caused the pendant lamps to blow out and I had to drop in lamps from darker exposures.

      In general though, I use very little fill light. Just a strobe or hot light here or there to brighten up the scene.

  3. Michael says:

    Very nice series. White balance and exposure consistent throughout. Do you scout a location prior to the shoot to figure out lighting or just figure it out on the fly?

    • Lincoln Barbour says:

      Thanks Michael! I always try to scout when possible to get a shot list and a general idea of lighting. Every interior is different, but with this space I knew I would use the available light and add a little fill. My lighting approach is pretty minimal. I just add a little kick here and there to spice it up.

  4. my says:

    Some of those stuff are really cool! I actually like the idea of not hiding the pipes and paint them all instead 🙂 wheither you like them colorfull, black or discrete in white, next ‘it’ will be installing fake pipes 😉
    Love the old printer!

  5. […] say that I finally found the rest of the images in that set. Contemporist just posted the images by Lincoln Barbour that really show off how beautiful this office […]

  6. Anonymous says:

    […] lindo seria tener un estudio asi, aunque sea laburar en un lugar asi WORK / Parliament Design Interiors / LINCOLN BARBOUR PHOTO no? […]

  7. zty says:

    Best workplace i´ve seen for a long time.

  8. zty says:

    whats the name of the office?

  9. @zty I know, I wished I worked there. It’s called Parliament and thier website is

  10. Cayako says:

    Cool spaces — the poor dead bear is depressing though … Nice use of color too.

  11. I love it.

    Nosotros tenemos un estudio en Valladolid, España y nos encanta vuestro concepto.

    Graphic designer

  12. luca says:

    E’ bellissimo, complimenti piacerebbe anche a me lavorare in uno studio così…

  13. johanna says:

    hello is very nice I like to know or you could buy the posters
    thank you…..

  14. christopher says:

    Hey Lincoln! Fantastic space. Simply amazing.

    Quick question though. How are those original screen prints hung? They look seamless. Are framed, pinned…


  15. The posters were purchased over the course of several years from dozens of folks, but some of my favorites came from Methane Studios and Aesthetic Apparatus

    They were hung by sandwiching the posters between 1/8″ non-glare acrylic (cut to the exact size as each poster) and the wall, drilling a tiny hole in each corner, and pushing a tiny straight pin through each corner. It does leave a small hole in the corner of each poster, but it is so clean that I’m fine with the holes.

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  17. […] out a deal for him. (If you haven’t seen the shoot I did for Parliament, then you need to read this blog post.) I got my copy of the magazine a few weeks ago and it came out awesome. I highly recommend picking […]

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