Parliament World Headquaters – Interiors Magazine

This is great example of when photos going viral is a good thing. For about a month, it seemed everyone in the world was stoked on Parliament’s office space. I lost track of the number of blogs it went up on, but some of the big ones were Design*Sponge, Graphic-ExchanGE, and Contemporist. This led to some job inquiries, stock requests, and even publication. The shots ran in Korean architecture magazine Interiors. A very slick glossy magazine and I was really excited when the printed copies came in the mail yesterday

Here are some more tears, if you happen to not live in Korea.

Nice double truck!

More shots of Parliament’s World Headquarters here.

Art Directed by Chris Erickson
Styled by Bergren Rameson

3 Responses to “Parliament World Headquaters – Interiors Magazine”

  1. Jen Wick says:

    What a great reminder that every job can lead to bigger things and new opportunities. Love it.

  2. Josh says:

    Lincoln, this is just a general question about your awesome website- is this a wordpress site? incredible template? I’m thinking about diving into wordpress, and if this is whats possible then I’d be more apt to make the move..

    Love your work, and how its presented. Thanks for any advice.

    • Hi Josh, sorry for the late response (been on vacation). To answer your question, yes most of my site is driven by WordPress. I’ve also integrated the theme with my PhotoShelter account. Everything under the Archive section.

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