Make a Model Release on an iPhone

Hands down, the iPhone is the best damn tool a photographer can have. Here’s one more reason why:

iRelease helps transform your old paper model release forms into information you can use. This powerful cloud based mobile application, in combination with its sophisticated ‘Live Syncing’ online account, organizes your forms into an easy to use and robust online filing system. It’s just a simple three step process, type in the models details, get them to sign the screen, take their photo, and then the device takes over from there. It automatically creates a complete model release from, saves a copy to your device and syncs the form to your online account. You can even email a PDF directly from the application. Its quick & easy, and it does the heavy lifting for you!

via iRelease.

10 Responses to “Make a Model Release on an iPhone”

  1. Brian Lee says:

    Hmm. This is making a powerful case for my pending iphone purchase. I’ve been trying to resist for so long that even Ara is telling me I need one.

  2. I just tried out the Lite Version and works like a charm. Definitely going to buy the Pro Version so I can brand the release output and keep track of them online.

  3. Squid says:

    seems like a perfect app for my iPad.

  4. Ashley Roach says:

    Hi Lincoln, really enjoyed the site especially your lifestyle work, thanks for the review on iRelease it’s been great to see the industry adopting it. As a pro shooter myself it’s been a huge time saver to both our workflow & our clients admin. We’ve got big plans for the future starting with a new site and a complete overhaul of the backend for

    Cheers AR

  5. Just wanted to point you guys to a different product, Easy Release.

    It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android, and has — we feel — more features and a much better workflow than iRelease.

    And, our iPad version takes advantage of the the screen real-estate better than iRelease, which only works in iPhone-compatability mode.

    Please check us out.

    • Thanks for letting us know. Can you describe what features you feel are better?

      • Sure, here are some things that we feel Easy Release does better

        Custom Releases
        We think it is better to be able to create and edit your custom releases, and your branding (e.g., logo) right on the device, rather than having to do so on the web, and then syncing with your device. Of course, for those who want to edit release text on their laptop (which is nice), you can still email the custom text to your device and paste it in.

        We have iPhone and Android versions. And our iPad version is “native” and so takes better advantage of the screen real estate than iPhone apps that are just run in 2x mode on the iPad.

        Our UI is localized in 6 languages, and our default model and property release text in 13 languages.

        We (optionally) collect much more info about the model, like gender and ethnicity

        We support collecting witness info and signature.

        ID Photo
        Our ID Photo can come from camera or library, not just camera.

        We think that the PDF format we use is more attractive.

        Management and Workflow
        You can create a new release in Easy Release in one go, or you can fill in some now, and the rest later. With iRelease you don’t have that choice.

        You can sort your releases by status, (model) name, shoot or date, not just name.

        You can attach a JPEG of the PDF to your email, along with the PDF, which is handy for some workflows.

        We support A4 size.

        And much, much more…

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