Pacesetter | OBRA at PIR

Kevin (who you might recognize from my wife’s blog post or from Portland Bride & Groom) is the kind of guy that does everything to the max. I respect that. As a chef, he’s incredibly talented and passionate about food. As a cyclist, he likes to push out hard and the lead first few laps, immediately creating the pace for the rest of the race. It was cool to watch him make the the other riders work to keep up.This strategy works well for his other teammates, because it gives them a chance to save the energy for sprints in the final laps.Many times during the race, I saw Kevin first before any one else. Consequently, I got a lot of shots of him. I had a hard time deciding which one of these from the start of the race I liked the best.

3… 2… 1… GO!

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Woodsman Tavern in Portland, OR. Shot for @rejuvenation. #tbt #restaurant #interiordesign #salvagelighting

via @lincolnbarbour on Instagram...

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