Luxe Cover and Double Feature

Luxe Summer 2013 - Cover

For the summer issue of Luxe magazine, I have two features in the same issue from two awesome clients. The cover story features a stunning penthouse designed by Kim Hagstette of Maven Interiors that I photographed last winter. Here are the tearsheets from the magazine

The other feature is beautiful mediterranean style home designed by Holly Freres of JHL Design. This classy estate in the heart of Willamette Valley was a lot of fun to shoot and I’m happy to see it get published.


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  1. Hi Lincoln, I’ve been following your blog for a while and really enjoying seeing your work. I’m would love to hear a little about your post production process.

    What’s your approach when considering the balance of exterior and interior lighting? Do you favor adding your own lighting or work with the image in post? Your shots have such a natural look that I thought I’d ask.

    Congrats on the great work!

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