2010 Cyclo-Cross Nationals – Bend, OR

It’s snowing in Portland today and that reminded me of the time I went to Bend in December to see the 2010 USA Cyclo-Cross Nationals. Cold, wet, mud, all combined with fierce competition to make this a truly exciting event to watch and shoot. I shot it for fun, but I like how these shots came out.  I use to BMX when I was a kid and then mountain bike in my early 20s. I never did anything competitive, but I could see myself totally getting into Cyclo-Cross. Maybe I’ll try out some of amateur races this next fall. Maybe…

Speaking of cycling and racing, I’m sponsoring the Team Oregon this year with donations of photography and discounts on prints/downloads. I’ll be shooting some documentary work of the Elite team as well as shooting some of the races. Stay tuned for more cycling action!

UPDATE: Take a look at all the best shots from the day in my Archive: http://bit.ly/2010CycloCross

Finish Line (Redo) | OBRA at PIR

Doh! This was suppose to post today, not yesterday. Mea culpa. Anyway, I love the very warm tones from the last shots of the day. Nothing better than a late summer sun. Sad to see it go.

And so concludes my little photo series of OBRA bike racing at PIR. If you’d like to see all the shots I took, click here to go to the LB Archive gallery.

Race On | OBRA at PIR

Earlier this week, my buddies Kevin and Aaron invited me out to watch them race at PIR. I’ve seen bicycle races before, but never on an auto race track. The idea is so cool, I just had to go. It was fun to watch and even more fun to shoot.

With late summer sun and open skies, I got some really intense shots of the guys flying around hairpin corners in packs of riders only inches apart. I’ll be posting my favorites over the next several days and then putting up everything else in the Archive.

I think the racing bug bit me, too, while I was there. I totally want to ride now.

Sauvie Cyclocross

Since I retired thought I would retire my old photoblog (ides-of-may), I decided to start posting personal work on this blog instead. These posts will be photoblogs that aren’t quite full projects or client work;  more like mini photo essays. It’ll have the same flavor as before, just a gallery of images rather than singles (but I might throw up some singles now and then). Anyway, here we go…

Kruger’s Crossing Cyclocross Classic – 11/26/2008

I’ve always been a big fan of racing. I shot a bordercross a few years ago and it inspired me to learn how to snowboard. After shooting this cyclocross race on Sauvie Island, it totally made me want to go out a retrofit my old Gary Fisher mountain bike for this kind of racing. Maybe this fall, you’ll see me in a helmet instead of on the sidelines.

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