It’s not easy to talk about yourself, but I’ll start with the basics. I am an award-winning photographer and specialize in photographing architecture, architectural products, and lifestyle. My approach to photography focuses on how design relates to human interaction. My best attribute as a photographer is that I have an uncanny ability to balance highly technical shots with moments of real life.

Since beginning my professional photography career in 2002, I have had the honor and pleasure to photograph amazing projects designed, art directed, and/or styled by incredibly talented creatives people all over the world. Most of what you see in my portfolios has been the result of successful collaborations between myself, great clients, and a hard working crew.

When I’m not traveling all over the country for shoots, I live in Charlottesville, Virginia with my wife, our two beautiful children, and three crazy cats. I love to cook healthy delicious meals for my family almost as much as I love getting outside for a good hike. And, when you meet me, you’ll see that I have a slightly offbeat sense of humor.

In addition to still photography, I also now offer drone photography services and time lapse photography services.

I am represented by Adam Renfree of  1NotionHe’s a super nice guy and will be happy to help build an estimate for any job you want to throw at us. Email him at  or call  (858)-883-1000.

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