rose & raindrop

Rock! I was able to recover all my old posts/images/comments and port it over to the new server. Not sure if you were checking, but my entire web existence was down for about half the day yesterday. Being self-employed, this was a total eff’n crisis. I’ve moved everything to a hosting company with some credibility. Lesson learned: Never do business with a company that doesn’t have a phone number. Ever.

sweater vest

I love that show on Discovery, Dirty Jobs. There was an episode I saw where Mike went and helped out a crew of guys salvage an old college dorm. The were ripping out toilets, walls, tiles, tubs; anything that had value. The stuff they pulled out looked like hell too and was covered with crap (literally). I wondered who would on earth would buy that stuff. Now I know.


Though I love Photoshop and all it’s tricks, I still think it’s important to know how to get it in camera in one shot.

For weeks, the summer weather had been totally cloudless and hazy (which equals flat and boring landscapes). I kept going out to the location only to turn around after I had shot a couple tests. Then the forecast called for a big low pressure system to move in and I knew I had my chance. Mother Nature cooperated and I was able to get this shot and some others within only about 20 minutes before the storm rolled in. Some photographers obsess about light. I obsess about the weather more.