BLOG: bad technology, bad

Man, it’s been one of those weeks. Every I/O device in my life is driving me mad. My cell phone won’t sync to my computer, my laptop won’t connect to the Wi-Fi, my new speakers play alert sounds, but not music or video, and now my PC is on the fritz and it looks like it’s reverting back to Win95! Argh!!!! I think Microsoft builds in self-destruct scripts that just so happen to make you computer suck when they release a new version of Windows. Don’t get me wrong, my computer is strong like bull. It’s just needs some attention.

Update: Partial Victory! So, for some reason, I had “Microsoft Update” set as default. When I disabled that and switched to just “Windows Update”, I found 15 critical updates that I needed. After several restarts later, the sound is back and no more goofy interface! Now, if I can just figure out why my Blackjack won’t sync.

Update: TOTAL VICTORY!!! My firewall was set up to block my phone from connecting. Jeez, you think they would have mentioned that in the damn troubleshooter.