zen garden

I like how this black & white came out. When I shot it, I exposed for the rocks in the garden. The rest of the scene was very dark and muddy. So, by using the hue/saturation adjustments in ACR, I was able to pull out extra detail in the different colored leaves. The Japanese maple in the middle of the shot really punched out when I tweaked the green and yellow channels. I did a base layer for the highlight detail. Then, I reprocessed the same file at about 2/3 of stop brighter for the shadow detail. I dropped the brighter image over the darker one and by using a gradient mask and little brush dodging, I brought the shadow detail up without losing that nice highlight texture in the stones.

I had a flashback of my high school B&W photography class when I was working this. Back then, I had to cut my masks by hand with a razor blade and work in the dark around nasty chemicals. Can’t say that I miss that part, though I’m glad it’s still around and taught. It really is the best way to learn about photograph. Back to basics.

scrubby bastard

I think this is a scrub jay. They have got to be one of the most annoying birds… ever! These guys have the worst cackle and they ate all our hazelnuts this year.

The cats in the neighborhood don’t do much for “prevention” either. I’ve seen one of these birds actually scold our neighbor’s cat. Seriously. The cat was just staring at the bird, not two feet away, and the bird was making this huge racket bouncing up and down. What did the cat do? It walked away and then sulked on our steps. It was totally messed up.

Canon 5D vs. Hasselblad H3Dii

UPDATED: So, as Johnny Danger pointed out in the comments below, I didn’t upsample the 5D to match the native resolution of H3Dii in the original test article. I have added two new slides to illustrate this and it really shows how much better the H3Dii is compared to the Canon 5D. I’m still amazed that this little blog post gets about 100 unique visitors a day and is the #3 link when you do a Google search for h3dii.

As you may have followed in my Daily Photoblog, I’ve been testing out the new Hasselblad H3Dii 39.1MP Back. The camera is just awesome and really fun to shoot with after being in 35mm format DSLR for the past 4 years. And the files I pulled off it were amazing. The image quality, sharpness, and dynamic range just blew my mind. But is it worth $30,000? Better yet, is it worth a $500/day rental versus a $150/day rental for Canon 5D? Continue reading “Canon 5D vs. Hasselblad H3Dii” »

i-5 overpass over water

ATTENTION: Canon 5D vs. Hasselblad H3Dii Test article has been moved. Please click here.

Okay, today I will definitely probably post the HD3ii vs 5D review. I had too much catch up yesterday.

Anyway, I almost threw this shot away. It was in an outtake pile from a shoot last week with Seattle Magazine.

The shoot was planned for last Monday and the forecast was not good. It was supposed to be an outdoor shoot, so I went to a place that I could get to shelter quickly. Fortunately, I had one of those perfect cloudy, but bright, weather days. The shots came out awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing them in print.

I took this on my way home. Yeah, it’s a little dark, but I love those blacks.

hello tazo

Outtake from last week’s shoot. Tazo makes their tea just around the corner from our studio. Whenever they do their packaging, there’s intense fruity musky smell wafting in the air. It’s really quite a pleasant change from the general funk that permeates the central eastside.

Yes, another HD3ii shot. I’m putting together a side by side with the 5D for all you pixel geeks out there. I’ll hopefully get to it today and post about it in NEWS section. I’ll make an update here when I do.