BLOG: Welcome to L|B 8.0

Welcome to the newest version of my website. Regular visitors will notice that this is my third redesign this year (which is really crazy) and my eighth redesign total. But the reasons for this latest rehash are simple:

  1. It was time to merge my photoblog,, into the main look and feel of my website. I originally kept them separate because I didn’t know how one would effect the other. But, as the year has gone by, it just seemed silly to keep up with two separate brands for the same thing. My photos are my life and there’s not much difference from my commercial work and my personal work. It’s all stuff I love to do.
  2. I wanted a better way to talk about what I’ve been shooting and who I’ve been working for. It’s been a great year and I’ve had some really cool projects. There’s no better way to do this than through this News Blog you’re reading now.
  3. I wanted to separate the design from the content. As life rolls on and the web keeps becoming more dynamic, there will be many new features, standards, technologies, and aesthetics that I will want to take advantage of. Having a static flash site didn’t allow me to do this easily. This new site is all template driven. So with a few quick changes, I can totally redesign the site as need be.

Anyway, I will start posting some news here shortly. First I gotta work out all the bugs 🙂