BLOG: the $40,000 picture

So, I got to test out the new Hassselblad H3DII 39MP this past weekend. I shot with the new 28mm f/4 and the 50-110mm zoom (which looks like a frickin grenade launcher!) After I got past that weird feeling of carrying around a camera worth 4 times as much as my car, it was a blast. It was like someone giving you the keys to a Ferrari. Yeah, you can drive a car and you can drive stick, but your really haven’t driven until you driven a Ferrari.

Anyway, shooting it was not much different than any other medium format SLR. The best thing about the camera is the huge viewfinder that makes my 5D viewfinder seem pathetic. The RAW file is 48mb and the uncompressed Tiff file from it is 110MB in 8Bit (18″x24″ @ 300dpi). But so what. What matters is the resolve of the lens. With the 28mm I used in this shot, I could see detail of each leaf all way up to top floor on the building on the right. Sharp clear detail. And see that white spot in the middle? That’s an airplane. I didn’t even see it with my naked eye.

So, I’m sold. Fortunately, I will be able to rent this camera in town so I don’t have to drop all them duckets right now.