BLOG: October’s Emailer

I have sort of love/hate feeling about email marketing (a.k.a. spam). On one hand, it’s great to be able to send out promotions to thousands of potential clients and not have to waste paper or waste the fuel it takes to have each one delivered. It’s very green, all things considered. But, on the other hand, spam is a nuisance. 90% of the spam I receive is deleted on entry. I’m trying to calculate how many hours per year I spend deleting spam, but it’s got be a least a full day.

So, I feel this weird sense of guilt when I send one of these out. I mean, you kind of have to. How else are they going to know about you? Plus, printing direct mail pieces is expensive.  I have a tight budget for advertising and every penny counts. In cost vs. value, you can’t beat email.

Anyway, here’s my latest emailer in case you missed it or it got in your junk folder.


Portland, OR


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