BLOG: mile 23

mile 23
I was wondering when it would happen. I’ve been obsessed with the number 23 since I was in high school. My friend Zack had just finished reading The Illuminatus! Trilogy and had me convinced aliens were in control of the world and proved their existence by using the number 23. Michael Jordan’s number was 23 when he was with the Bulls, 23 letters in the Latin Alphabet, the famous Psalm 23, 23 chromosomes , etc. It totally freaked me out in high school.

As I grew up, I learned to not be so paranoid. But I couldn’t help notice the number 23 when it popped up. 23 deaths in car bombs, 23 day droughts, 23 days of rain, whatever… 23 was everywhere. AND STILL IS!

So, I drove out to Eastern Oregon, randomly pulled over to take this picture of a barren landscape that really hadn’t changed for over a half hour of diving and low and behold, the very spot I stopped was just past miler marker number 23. For real. I hate to be all spooky, but seriously! What are the odds? I didn’t even notice it until I was processing this image and cleaning up dust spots. That little green road sign said, “MILE 23”. I was blown away.

Here are some 23 references for ya:

And in case you didn’t notice… I always try to post at 6:23am PST. Cause 2×3=6. Numerology ROCKS!