Thanks for Your Support

ASMP SB2Recently on my photoblog and a personal email sent to my friends, family, and colleagues, I asked that they nominate me to be given a scholarship from Chase Jarvis to fly to Chicago and attend the ASMP Strictly Business 2 Conference. The SB2 conference is something I wanted to attend to sharpen my business skills. I am basically self taught and just about everything that I know about business, I’ve learned from my father Jeff Barbour, Philip Beaurline, John Spiro, ASMP and EP. I’ve made many mistakes and learned a lot over the last six years, experiences that I pass on to my close-knit group of young photographers and self-employed entrepreneurs. By going to SB2, I knew I would learn more skills and share that knowledge in return.

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gone fishing

gone fishing
Heading out of town for a couple days. I’ll be posting again once I get back later next week. Till then, I highly recommend checking out these great photoblogs:


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mcminville mechanic

mcminville mechanic
Lauren and I broke down the other day. We were driving around looking for a new studio space on the east side and stopped to walk around. When we tried to start the car again, it wouldn’t kick over. As fate would have it, we were right in front of an auto mechanic (not this one). One hundred dollars later, we had a new battery and were on the road again.

I had that feeling it was meant to happen. The course of our lives changed that day, because we had 30 extra minutes to walk around. Who knows what will come of it, but I think it’ll be good.