BLOG: i need your help

i need your help
Okay everyone… I’ve never asked for something like this before, so here it goes.

ASMP is putting on an awesome two day seminar called Strictly Business 2. It’s an in depth program covering all the nitty gritty about running a photography business. I’ve always championed ASMP causes and this is no exception. If you have the means, go.

I do not have the means and the closest one I can get to is in Chicago. However, famed and outspoken pro photographer, Chase Jarvis, is having a contest of sorts to go to this thing. He’s offering a free flight, hotel, and admission to SB2 to the person with the most nominations on his blog.

Here’s what I need you to do. If you have a Google/Blogger account or an OpenID, go to this link:

Make a comment nominating me to go to this seminar. Here’s what you need to say:

I nominate Lincoln Barbour

100 words or less on why he should go…

Thanks in advance! If you want to nominate yourself, I will gladly support you too.