Raw Family for Natural Health

My assistant Dan and I traveled to Ashland, OR to photograph this assignment for the July issue of Natural Health. The Boutenkos (or Raw Family as they are more commonly known) live a pure raw food diet and were super cool! They made us feel really welcome in their home and gave us some cool cookbooks and DVDs. We photographed them making a tasty raw pizza and a spinach smoothie, eating at their table, and hiking in a nearby park. The shots came out great.

At one critical point during the shoot, Dan was outside with a strobe shooting in to the kitchen for some back lighting. All of sudden, it started hailing really hard just I was taking the critical shot of the smoothie being poured into a glass. Dan had an umbrella outside because it looked a little stormy. His quick thinking saved the shot, himself, and the light all at once. Cheers to Dan!

May/June Desirables in Portland Spaces

I had a lot of fun shooting this one with Jen Davison and Rachel DeSchepper for Portland Spaces. The shot’s really about the product, but there’s so much life in Joanna’s face that it really makes it something special. I also love the bold color tones all complimenting each other. Fun stuff!


This is underbelly of the tres-gothic St. Johns Bridge in Portland shot from Cathedral Park. Designed by David Bernard Steinman, I always thought this bridge and the Golden Gate were designed by the same person because the two are so similar. I guess it was just a trend (both were built in the 30s). The Golden Gate was actually designed be Joseph Strauss, one of Steinman’s rivals.

I think if I wasn’t a photographer, I’d be a historian. I love this stuff.