BLOG: road trip

road trip
So, what’s been happening. On top of my brother getting married last week (CONGRATULATIONS GRAYSON AND ELENA) and planning for our own wedding in November, it’s been super busy. The good kind of busy. Last month, I think I set a new personal record with 17 days of shooting in July. I shot everything from office cubicles, to smokey bars, to warm salty beer and cold burgers (tell you about later).

I’ve had five shoots this month so far and I may be heading down to Santa Cruz next week for a shoot for a new client. Hopefully the hotel there will be a little more photogenic 😉 But first, I have three more days of shooting this week and three more next week. Might break that personal record I just set.

September will be a big month for me. I’ll have two cover story features for Imbibe magazine and Portland Spaces coming out at the same time! I’ll post an update when they hit newsstands.

More photoblog photos coming soon, too…