BLOG: How’d You Do That? Travel Portland Edition

If you happen into any local hospitality destination, you might see the above shot I took for Travel Portland. Art Directed by the incredibly talented Thomas Cobb, this slick city tour guide magazine really stands out. I know we keep them in our house for years to show out of town guests what all the great activities there are to do in the Portland area. I was really excited to shoot the cover for it and also this cool spread below.

Now, both of these shots have a lot going on. The Streetcar rolling by. Models chatting and strolling across the sidewalk. Cyclists all cruising by on my command. My timing had to be spot on because of all the moving objects and the need for negative space for copy. You’d think I would just use Photoshop to stitch the elements together later. But in one of these shots, I tweeted a little while ago that I nailed the perfect shot in one take.

Can you guess which one? First right answer gets a signed 11×14 print of their choice.

I’ll post a follow up in the comments below.