Oregon Home – Houseboat Cover & Feature

If you’ve never been to Portland, you might not know of the copious amounts of houseboat communities. For this cover story for Oregon Home magazine, I got to visit three communites in the area. Each one was very different with it’s own set of character and charm. One common thread between them all, really nice people who love being on the water. Continue reading “Oregon Home – Houseboat Cover & Feature” »

The Backyard

It’s finally sort of becoming summer around here. Still have cool temps, but at least it’s stopped raining every day. We had something like 14 inches of rain between April & May. Our average is 7 for that same time period. On the bright side, all our plants and garden are very happy this year.

Here’s some snaps from the backyard yesterday.

Featured Photographer on Photoshelter

If you’ve worked with me anytime over the last few years, you’ve probably interfaced with my Photoshelter Archive. It’s the best service out there for online delivery and storage of photography assests. All my proofs galleries and high rez files get uploaded to Photoshelter. This gives my clients 24/7 access to their photos without having to get in touch with me. Plus it’s great way to see what I have available for stock. It also integrates perfectly with my website and it’s super easy to sync with my Lightroom catalog.

Recently, the staff of Photoshelter interviewed me for the featured photographers section. Click here to read it and learn more about me and why I think Photoshelter is so great.

ReadyMade – June/July 2011 Cover & Feature

UPDATE: Sad news to report. ReadyMade is folding and this will be their last issue. Best wishes to all the staff and contributers. May you find new work and many more great adventures.

I did it. After 9 years of hard work, thousands of hours of shooting, huge career highs and huge career lows, I have finally achieved one of the first goals I ever wrote down when I decided to become a photographer: I have the cover shot of a national magazine. Not only that, but the shoot is one I’m tremendously proud of and ReadyMade has been one of my top 10 editorial clients I’ve wanted to shoot for. It’s like icing on the cake.

Shot in Portland, OR, the Eyebrow House is an amazing remodel by architect Edgar Papazian of Doon Architecture. It’s curved, modern, and organic asthethic blew my mind. I’ve never seen anything quite like it (and I’ve shot a lot of houses). Edgar and his family were also really sweet and welcoming. The shoot was superbly art directed by Renda Morton of Rumors Studio and styling credit goes to the über-talented Bergren Rameson. The article was written by the brilliant Amara Holstein (who I’ve worked with many times before).

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Portland Bride & Groom – Urban Exotic

I have a stunning new tearsheet to share with you AND exciting news about dual blog post with my wife Lauren Brooks.

Art directed by Samantha Gardner, this wedding flower feature for Portland Bride & Groom mixes a little fashion into what would normally be a still life shoot. I love assignments like this. It gets me out of my comfort zone and demonstrates how I can apply my vision to any assignment. I have done a little fashion before and though it’s not my main focus, it’s a lot of fun to do. I am really happy with how this shoot came out.

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