New & Updated Portfolios!

About a year ago, I worked with the brilliant Suzanne Sease on a huge portfolio overhaul. She went through over a 1000 of my images and came up with what what you’ve seen here for a while. Her art buyer eye really helped me tighten the flow of my portfolio to help me get the message across of what I do best. And it worked! Since implementing her changes, work has been busier, I was published in Martha Stewart Living, I have a feature coming out in Dwell, and I got a rep. How’s that for results?!

I’ve been a little hesitant to make any changes since everything’s been going so well. However, I’ve been doing a lot of work that I’m really proud of and wanted to highlight some of it. I’ve been shooting a lot more people and lifestyle work, so I’ve updated my lifestyle portfolio. I’ve also been shooting a lot of editorial work, so I thought I’d highlight that with it’s own portfolio. Both these new portfolios got the thumbs up from Suzanne and my rep Adam.

Let me know what you think: New Lifestyle Portfolio | New Editorial Portfolio

A Local Joint – Seoul, South Korea

A Local Joint - Seoul, South Korea

A few months ago, I took a short trip to South Korea for my wife’s business Lauren Brooks Photography. If you don’t know this already, Lauren is an amazing photographer and I’ve had the pleasure of being her second shooter for the past 7 years at all her wedding gigs. I think what’s most incredible about Lauren is watching her capture amazing emotional moments with grace and ease through the chaos that oftentimes consumes a wedding. I know very few commercial photographers that could handle the high pressure of shooting a wedding. No matter where we find ourselves shooting or what the weather brings (sun, rain, even snow), Lauren is always calm and collected; a true professional.

My main reason for going to South Korea was to photograph the engagement session of Lauren’s clients Amanda and Jeff, whose wedding we’re shooting this summer. It was an incredible experience and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sadly, Lauren was not able to make the trip with me due to some health complications (she’s all better now). Originally, we had planned to spend about four days in Seoul. But with me by myself, I cut it back to one day so I could get back to the States and take care of Lauren.

With only 24 hours to shoot something for myself, I hit the streets and just wandered around. I was in two main areas of Seoul: Nonhyeon-dong and Itaewon-dong. Both areas were pretty touristy, but I was determined to find something Korean to shoot. It was actually pretty hard. Most of Seoul is pretty modern and if it weren’t for the signage and Asian majority, you’d think you were in New York. But seek and you shall find. I found the coolest looking restaurant off the beaten path in Itaewon. This series of photos are probably my favorite from the trip. I’ll post more shots from my Seoul photo walk next week.

A Local Joint - Seoul, South Korea

A Local Joint - Seoul, South Korea

A Local Joint - Seoul, South KoreaA Local Joint - Seoul, South Korea

A Local Joint - Seoul, South Korea

A Local Joint - Seoul, South Korea

Corazón Shoot Featured on DesignSponge

 (Lincoln Barbour)

A recent restaurant project I photographed for Jessica Helgerson Interior Design was featured on DesignSponge today. Nice little write up, too. To see the full gallery, visit my archive site.