Ad Campaign For Fleischmann’s Yeast

Here is a Flesischmann’s Yeast ad campaign I shot last year for Olson that’s running right now.

Fleischmann's Yeast - Cornucopia

Fleischmann's Yeast - Fruit & Nut Loaf

Quite a bit of production went into making these two pictures. It started with Art Buyer Mark Pakulski contacting my rep Adam Renfree with these concept sketches:

Fleischmann's Yeast Concepts by Olson

It was then up to me to figure out how to turn these concepts into real photos. Once we confirmed the cornucopia was made out of bread, I immediately thought that I would need a food stylist who could bake and prop.  I called Lucy Neilson and got her thoughts on the sketches. Lucy can bake, but she had never made a cornucopia out of bread. So, instead of having her spend a week figuring it out, we decided it would be more efficient to hire a professional baker to bake the bread and make the cornucopia. My food guru friend, Kevin Ward, recommend Jared Lester of Pearl Bakery and he rocked it. Not only did he make all of the breads perfectly, but he was already using Fleischmann’s Yeast in his breads. The stars truly aligned on this shoot.

I sourced the table tops from World Market and The Rebuilding Center. Lucy brought in props from a variety of stores (West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Ikea) and from of her own personal inventory. We set up and shot everything in-studio at Sandbox PDX. Art Director Emily Hoyne really liked my natural light food work, so I chose that style for lighting. I used some fill cards here and there, but what you see is basically what came out of the camera. Very little retouching was done. I used Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro and shot f/5.6 at around a 1/15th of a second.

This photo shoot is a perfect example of the difference between being good at taking pictures and being a professional photographer. Photography was very small part of what went into this job. I spent about a week getting ready for this shoot (coordinating with the agency, booking studio, prepping my crew, etc). On set, I was responsible for making the shots happen. I directed my assistant, digital tech, food stylist to get the basic composition going. I went back and forth with Emily to get photographs that the client would sign off on. A shoot like this is kind of like a big performance, but you don’t have the option to miss your lines. There was no redo and the clock was ticking. However, with a lot help, I made it happen and everyone was really happy with the end results.

To take someones else’s advertising concept and turn it into reality is not an easy task, but it’s what I love about my job.


Emily Hoyne – Art Director / Olson
Caleb Hudson – Account Supervisor / Olson
Mark Pakulski – Art Buyer / Olson
Lucy Neilson – Food Stylist
Jared Lester – Baker


Lincoln Barbour - WEHN WRODS FIAL Campaign

Speaking of GRAY Magazine, I am currently running this sweet ad campaign to promote my architecture/interior photography business to the Pacific Northwest. The campaign was brilliantly written, art directed, and designed by my friend Craig Skinner. I first met Craig when he was at Owen Jones & Partners and art directed the I Am Home shoot we did for Prometheus Real Estate. We really hit it off and later that summer he joined my kickball team. We’ve been friends ever since. Craig is now over at Razorfish where he is a senior art director and has done superb work for clients like Microsoft, Bing, and New Zealand Tourism.

I love the direction Craig went with these ads. I feel it really speaks to the power of good photography in advertising and marketing. The ads are meant to show that even if your message fails (in this case deliberately), strong visuals can carry your brand and your audience will still connect to it. And also you should probably hire me to create those awesome visuals for you. I have to say, I’m lucky to have a friend like Craig.

Also, have to give a big thanks to Tim Kamerer for the updated logo and style guide we used for the ad. I’m working on a new website and brand refresh and I’ll have another post about Tim’s skills soon.

Here are the other ads that a running over 3 issues of GRAY December through May.

Lincoln Barbour - WEHN WRODS FIAL Campaign 

Lincoln Barbour - WEHN WRODS FIAL Campaign


JHL Design Featured in GRAY

Also from the December/January issue of GRAY, a shoot I did for JHL Design got the glossy treatment with this six page spread. The double truck kitchen shot looked killer in print. I was really happy for JHL to get published. I shot  quite  a few projects for them last year and Holly and Jasmine do excellent work. Plus, they were a lot of fun to work with. JHL Design just launched a new site and you should check it out:

Back to Back Cover Features for GRAY

After a little blogging hiatus, it feels good to be writing again about what I’ve been up to lately. Got some good stuff in the queue covering personal work, photo business stuff, and lots of tearsheets. In fact, here are two cover features for GRAY Magazine that just ran back to back December/January and February/March.

GRAY Magazine December / January Cover Feature - Gothic Office by Jessica Helgerson

This cover features the awesomely moody Gothic Office I shot for Jessica Helgerson Interior Design last year. I was really happy to see the shoot run in print. GRAY does a really nice job on their printing and the shots really pop off the page.

Then for the February/March issue, GRAY picked up a shoot I did a few years ago that I loved. Many of these shots are in my portfolio.