Spaceport America

Yes, this actually is the Spaceport America from where Richard Branson‘s Virgin Galactic will begin flying people up into space for $200K a pop. This as close as we could get to it, but it’s certainly the weirdest/coolest thing I’ve ever seen in the desert of New Mexico. Can’t wait till it opens.

Fuzzy Dice – T or C, NM

My brother and his wife are visiting us this week in Portland, so I won’t be working or blogging much photo business posts. I do have a little time to put some Ides of May work.

This was shot actually the last time I saw my brother and his wife. All of us went to Truth or Consequences, NM to visit my folks and sister who live there. It’s one of my absolute favorite locations to shoot. So much character everywhere you look.

Rio Bravo Patio

I’m pretty excited about this picture for a couple reasons. This shot feels like a good 50/50 mix of my architecture work and personal work. It’s not a literal photograph, yet it describes this place so perfectly to me. And I just think in the crumbling brick and rotting wood is so cool looking. It’s not entirely the direction I want to go with my commercial work, but it’s getting there.

I’m also exited to post my first new Ides of May photo in this new blog magazine-ish format. Since the beginning of when I started blogging, I’ve struggled to find a balance between what I want to talk about or show here and what I want to put out there first. And so, I often wouldn’t post anything to radical or unrelated to shoots, tearsheets, and so forth. In other words, it was boring.

This format solves that problem. I can blog away personal photos, opinions, gear reviews, whatever,  as much as I want and then when I have a post I’m really excited about, I can make it Featured and it will show up on the blog home page.

Join me and watch this blog/website evolve. It’ll only get better with your feedback.



PS: In case you’re wondering what the hell “Ides of May” is: It was the name of my first photoblog ( So, all personal photographs will forever be categorized under “Ides of May”. Someday, I’ll do a book or something. Why “Ides of May”? It’s my birthday 🙂