Big Spread in Portland Spaces Premier Issue

It’s not often you get to shoot a feature for the premier of a new magazine. But, that’s just what I did this month. Portland Spaces launched on January 10th, 2008. The Portland home + lifestyle focused magazine features some great articles on homes, design, green living, and products. For my piece “Desirables”, we shot one stylized opener and 3 pages worth of product knock-outs. The spread came out awesome and I wanted to share the first page with you. Thanks to Jen Davison and Rachel DeSchepper for their art direction, product wrangling, and superior wallpapering skills. Also, big thanks to Jason Blackheart for coming to me early on about this project. Happy to be a part of the team.


Featured in photo are pendants from Design Within Reach made in New Zealand from sustainable materials.

December Gigs

Fall was very busy around here and it all culminated with a big month of published work in December. I was in four separate magazines and also shot all the photography for a website for a new commercial client (I did the web design and code, too. Yeah, I geek out like that sometimes). Here’s are some samples and tearsheets that I could get.

Portland Bride & Groom Feature: Glass Acts
Portland Bride & Groom Feature: Glass Acts
I shot an entire feature on wedding glassware in my studio for Portland Bride & Groom. The Art Director was Samantha Gardner. It was quite a challenge to light all the various colors and shapes, but the end result was awesome. Check out the Winter 07/Spring 08 issue on newsstands now for the full article on page 89.

Portland Monthly: Pedicabs Lolo Restaurant - Food + Drink Opener Wonder Drink - Pour
Portland Monthly: December Departments
This was a cool issue for me. I got to shoot all three of my specialties (people, architecture, and product) for the regular departments. I shot 2 pedicab drivers in the studio for “Mudroom”, an interior of Lolo Restaurant for “Food + Drink” section opener, and Wonder Drink Sparkling Kombucha Tea for the “Pour” column.

Northwest Meetings + Events: Sue Davis Profile
Northwest Meetings + Events: Sue Davis Profile
Unless you work for a hotel or a resort, you might not get this magazine. Even still, this is one my favorite portraits I’ve taken this year and I will probably add it to my LIFE portfolio. I shot it in studio using available light on simple gray background. You just can’t beat being on the northeast corner of a building. Plus, we’re on the second floor, so the light is consistent pretty much all day.

Velvet the Dog - Best of 2007
Seattle: Best of 2007 – Velvet the Dog
Matt Bryant, his dog velvet, and couple of their friends were hiking Mt. Hood last winter and fell in to a ravine and got stuck during a snowstorm. They were all rescued safely and the rescuers attributed their overnight survival to the warmth that Velvet gave everyone. She was a great dog to photograph and Matt was the nicest guy you ever met. Learn more about their story here: click here screen shot.
This was a huge project for me. Not only did I shoot the model, the products, and all the detail photographs, but I also did all the web design. I’ve been doing web design since 1998, so it’s something I still do from time to time. Fem-ology is new natural organic feminine care care product line made right here in Oregon. The owner Carrie Von Keil is just starting out and I wish here the best on her new venture!


We’ll that’s about it. Like I said, it was a busy fall and I’m looking forward to a busy first quarter 2008. Should have some more gig updates soon.


Latest Gigs

Rentrak Corporation – 2007 Portraits

Rentrak ExecsI owe a big thank you to Portland Monthly for this one. I shot Paul Rosenbaum, CEO for Rentrak, for the July issue of Portland Monthly (here’s an outtake from it). It really impressed the folks over at Rentrak and they hired me to photograph all their executives. Their biggest concern was to not do the typical headshot. They wanted the shots to be friendly, not stuffy or typical executive portraiture. I was happy to oblige. All in all, we shot 14 executives in one day. We did two set ups and shot everyone in similar way so it would look good together in their annual report and website. I used one lens all day long, the Canon 50mm 1.2. What a beauty!

American Way – The American Airlines In Flight Magazine – September 15, 2007 Issue

Shots from American Way Assignment For this assignment, American Way sent me all over town to shoot architecturally significant spots for a feature story. The shots here are The Portland Building (designed by Michael Graves) and the inside of the Multnomah County Library (designed by A.E. Doyle). Not pictured here, but in the magazine, are Lawrence Halprin’s Lovejoy Fountain Plaza, The Gordon House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (in Silverton, OR), and Pietro Belluschi’s Commonwealth Building. The cool thing about the assignment was learning some history about each building. Here’s a link to the whole story.

Dee DenverThe Scientist Magazine – Dee Denver – October 2007 Issue

This was fun assignment. Dee Denver is a scientist at OSU. His research of nematode mutation rates are considered fundamental achievements in the field. The hard part of the assignment was figuring out where to shoot Dee. Nematodes are microscopic worms and most of his work is done in a lab, under a microscope, or with an genome sequencer. I really didn’t want to do the typical guy in the lab shot, so when I found out the Dee and his team are collecting nematodes from rotting apples in orchards, I thought, “perfect!”

The shot ran full bleed on page 85 of this month’s issue. Here’s a link to The Scientist Magazine website.

Vail HortonPortland Monthly – Vail Horton – October 2007 Issue

Shot for Portland Monthly’s Rainmaker feature, Vail Horton is the founder and CEO of Keen Mobility. Keen makes high-tech crutches, canes, and other mobile assistance products for disabled people. Not only do the crutches look cool, but they’re lightweight and super-durable. Read more about in this month’s Portland Monthly.


– lincoln