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Canon CPS Repair Form

Accidents happen. And when they do, it’s good to be prepared.

One thing I recommend is becoming a Canon CPS member. They have different levels of membership, but the biggest advantage is that you get priority repair turnaround over the average Joe. You also get discount on repair (up to 60% for you accident prone shooters).

I always misplace my printed repair forms that Canon sends you. I found one on Google that you can fill out using Acrobat. I thought I’d put it here for everyone and also so I can find it again easily.

Click here Canon CPS Repair Form (PDF)

If you’re not CPS member, don’t use this form for repairs. They might send to Nikon for a laugh.

Attach a Digital SLR to a View Camera

So, imagine for a moment that Canon really does come out with a full frame¬† square sensor. Imagine it’s around 40mp. Now imagine putting that camera body digital back on a view camera and being able to use Rodenstock digital lenses (some of the sharpest and clearest lenses I’ve ever used). That would be sweet.

For architecture photography, this is not a great solution. The widest digital view camera lens is a 28mm and it’s very dark with not a lot of movement.

But, for food and product photography, this is a life saver. You can pick up a used Sinar pretty cheap and this adapter is about $1,870. It’s pretty inexpensive solution for high quality view camera system. The newer digital lenses though, are not cheap. I wonder if anyone’s done a shootout between older view camera lenses and newer ones.

Check out PDN’s Gear Guide post: New Sinar Mount Lets You Attach Digital SLR to View Camera Body.

Canon 5D vs. Hasselblad H3Dii

UPDATED: So, as Johnny Danger pointed out in the comments below, I didn’t upsample the 5D to match the native resolution of H3Dii in the original test article. I have added two new slides to illustrate this and it really shows how much better the H3Dii is compared to the Canon 5D. I’m still amazed that this little blog post gets about 100 unique visitors a day and is the #3 link when you do a Google search for h3dii.

As you may have followed in my Daily Photoblog, I’ve been testing out the new Hasselblad H3Dii 39.1MP Back. The camera is just awesome and really fun to shoot with after being in 35mm format DSLR for the past 4 years. And the files I pulled off it were amazing. The image quality, sharpness, and dynamic range just blew my mind. But is it worth $30,000? Better yet, is it worth a $500/day rental versus a $150/day rental for Canon 5D? [Read more…] about Canon 5D vs. Hasselblad H3Dii