Pricing Photography for Image Libraries

“…in a world where photographers traditionally price their product based on usage, what is “unlimited” use worth? There have always been photographers who intentionally or unknowingly ignore the subject of licensing, or otherwise simply give away unlimited use of their pictures without charging a premium for it. Those tend to be young photographers who don’t know any better, or established photographers who have found that it’s the only way they can compete, or they couldn’t be bothered with the extra work involved in understanding how image licensing works and explaining it to their clients.

However, in most of these cases, pricing photography “by the day” is a dysfunctional system, and not in the interests of the photographer or the client. There’s an inherent conflict when a photographer is compensated in inverse proportion to her productivity. The more photographs she produces, the less she is paid for each of them. Any photographer’s natural motivation will be to produce enough work to satisfy the expectations of the client, and no more. That is no way to run a business.”

by Jess Dudley

via A Photo Editor – Real World Estimates – Pricing Photography for Image Libraries.

Make a Model Release on an iPhone

Hands down, the iPhone is the best damn tool a photographer can have. Here’s one more reason why:

iRelease helps transform your old paper model release forms into information you can use. This powerful cloud based mobile application, in combination with its sophisticated ‘Live Syncing’ online account, organizes your forms into an easy to use and robust online filing system. It’s just a simple three step process, type in the models details, get them to sign the screen, take their photo, and then the device takes over from there. It automatically creates a complete model release from, saves a copy to your device and syncs the form to your online account. You can even email a PDF directly from the application. Its quick & easy, and it does the heavy lifting for you!

via iRelease.