Iconic Photos of Portland for the Nike Community Store


Special slideshow post! Click on the photo to advance.

About a month ago, I was commissioned by Instrument to shoot stills alongside a film production crew on a project highlighting the remodel of the Nike Community Store on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Portland, OR. But this project wasn’t just another commercial gig. There’s a great story behind it.

For almost three decades, the Nike Community Store has been creating jobs, generating donations, and enlisting volunteers all to the benefit of the neighborhoods in North Portland. The store has also donated over $1.5 million dollars to community outreach programs like New Avenues for Youth and the Blazers Boys and Girls Club. The remodel of the Nike Community Store was set forth to emphasize the community mission aspect of the store. Instrument was charged with creating an original film and photography collection for the store.

I was honored to take on this project and create iconic black and white imagery that would be displayed in the store along with a video installation. The entire creative was spearheaded by Instrument and it was a blast to work with such a creative group. The slideshow above highlights some of my favorite shots from the two day shoot.

On a side note, this job was also a great opportunity to work along side with the super talented Bryce Fortner (Portlandia). He was the Director of Photography for the film side of the project and the results are fantastic. I have embedded the final film produced by Instrument below

[vimeo video_id=”45145445″ width=”950″ height=”535″ title=”Yes” byline=”Yes” portrait=”Yes” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”ffffff”]

Now when need to go by your next pair of running shoes, head out to Nike Community Store and support a good cause.

Director – Truen Pence / Instrument
Producer – Davis Priestly / Instrument
Production Manager – Jennifer Moore / Instrument
Photographer – Lincoln Barbour
Director of Photography – Bryce Fortner

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