Twist’s Look Book

Here’s another shoot that I’ve been holding on to for a while now. Last summer, Portland based jewelry and craft store, Twist, hired me to shoot a lifestyle inspired look book for the landing pages of their new website redesign. Twist was drawn to my clean, natural, technical style of photography and felt I was a good fit for what they were looking for. Since the shots were to be focused on the jewelry, I shot a majority of them with a macro lens. I was shooting pretty shallow and nailing the focus was super critical. It’s tricky to do with live models, but that’s why you shoot a lot (over 2000 RAW files in a day).

To make a shoot like this come off fun and easy looking, it takes more than technique, models, stylists, and props. You actually have to put a lot of your own positive energy into it. As the photographer, you’re leading the vibe and if you’re in a great mode, then everyone else is. You have to be mentally in it all day long and treat it almost like it’s a performance. End of the day, it simply makes the job easier to be positive and I think that gets you better shots. It also helped that I had super talented people to work with and great clients who really contributed in the creative process.

I’m really happy how they shots came out and think they look awesome on their new website which went live this month. Here are some screen shots.

And here are some outtakes that I really liked and wanted to share. Looking forward to refreshing my lifestyle portfolio with some of these shots.


Models – Tanisha Payne, Kelsey Dunn, & Brandi HicksOption Model and Media
Hair & Makeup – Katherine Ross
Wardrobe – Peggi Jeung

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  • Antoine Naudet06/16/2012 - 7:32 am

    Just coming back from an assignment, a bit exhausted. Working temperature was hot, and there was a little bit of pressure, as it is always when shooting real food on location. Budget was low, this was the kind of job you take “for the portfolio”. So I was quite tired, browsing the web to refresh my mind.
    But then I stumbled on your pictures. And this pushes me back on tracks ! I love your work. The mood, the colors, the style, such an inspiration ! I still have to work, but everytime I see your pictures, It’s like having a compass.ReplyCancel

    • Lincoln Barbour06/16/2012 - 8:09 am

      Thanks for the kind words Antoine. I was just coming off a two day shoot in the hot sun as well. Know the feeling.ReplyCancel

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