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ASMP SB2Recently on my photoblog and a personal email sent to my friends, family, and colleagues, I asked that they nominate me to be given a scholarship from Chase Jarvis to fly to Chicago and attend the ASMP Strictly Business 2 Conference. The SB2 conference is something I wanted to attend to sharpen my business skills. I am basically self taught and just about everything that I know about business, I’ve learned from my father Jeff Barbour, Philip Beaurline, John Spiro, ASMP and EP. I’ve made many mistakes and learned a lot over the last six years, experiences that I pass on to my close-knit group of young photographers and self-employed entrepreneurs. By going to SB2, I knew I would learn more skills and share that knowledge in return.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the scholarship and since the seminar is not coming anywhere near Portland, I’ll have to wait till the next time it comes around. Hopefully it’ll come here or in Seattle.

What Chase offered was incredibly generous and I really admire what he did. Not only did his gift simultaneously bring awareness to the conference and its importance, he also inspired many other photographers to give back. I know in the future, when I have the means, I will do what I can to follow his example.

My sincere congratulations to all the winners and I hope the seminar serves you well now and into the future.

And my deepest thanks to the following people for writing a nomination on my behalf.

  • Andy Batt
  • Philip Beaurline
  • Lauren Brooks
  • Michael Shay
  • Christopher Shay
  • Bob Villalobos
  • Ed Hetherington
  • Grayson Barbour
  • Dan McLaughlin
  • Rob Brooks
  • Erin Grace
  • Henry Covey

Your words touched me very deeply and I’m glad to surrounded by such great people.

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