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We are very excited to share this shoot for Oreck with you for two reasons: one, we really love how the images came out and two, we finally got to partner up with great folks at Wonderful Machine who have listed us on their site for years.

Shooting home products on location is something of a specialty for us. We’ve worked for many brands like Hunter Douglas, Rejuvenation, Gunlocke, and others to highlight their products being used in a real location. Our interior design photography background really compliments this type of work. What was slightly different about the Oreck shoot was the approach. As Oreck’s art director Rybe Henderson showed me, the action of vacuums and air purifiers is ground level. We really had to think outside the box (even mounting our camera upside down at one point) to find these hero angles. We also didn’t want to show off the room too much, so many of these shots are shot with a shallow depth of field. Very different from a typical interior shoot. We’re really happy with how the shots came out and you can see them being used currently on Oreck’s website and social media.

The shoot was produced by my good friends at Wonderful Machine. If you’re unfamiliar, they are one of the best places to find a photographer anywhere in the world. They also do production and have worked with lots of their photographers to make shoots happen for all kinds of clientele. Julia Hanley was the on-site producer and really went the extra mile to make this such a successful shoot. She organized the talent, hired the stylist Patti Borelli, arranged catering, built furniture, and even made a few Ikea runs for props. The best producers do it all and Julia is a total pro. A great shoot is almost always guaranteed when there’s good art direction combined with a great crew. Special thanks to my digital tech Peter Grill and assistant Daniel Clark for working hard to keep the shoot organized and on schedule.


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