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Tasty Good Times at Besaw’s

I’m starting to believe that fate exists. About five and half years ago, my wife and I were visiting Portland to decide if we wanted to move here from Virginia. Both of us love eating out and breakfast is one of my favorite meals. If we were going to relocate to Portland, it better have...

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  • Erik Bishoff07/02/2010 - 8:24 am

    Gorgeous stuff! I especially like the light coming from behind the cocktails on the bar. They must be thrilled with the pix. (Must have taken all day?)ReplyCancel

    • Lincoln Barbour07/03/2010 - 10:46 am

      Thanks Eric! Yeah, we started around noon and shot till 9 at night. It was a blast though.ReplyCancel

  • terese bushnell08/27/2010 - 10:40 am

    beautiful!! thanks for reminding me how much i love besaws. your work is amazing.ReplyCancel

B is for… Barbour

Had to do it. It’s not often a feature story you photograph starts with a big letter of your last name. In this case, the March 09 cover feature of Portland Monthly start’s with the title,”B is for Bacon”. This food piece was an awesome assignment to shoot. Not only did I discover many of...

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  • Matt Kallio03/17/2009 - 1:30 am

    I’m curious: did you use the view camera for the food shots? I just completed an internship at Polara and I discovered that Michael uses the view camera with his food shots, with that great control of dof.ReplyCancel

    • Lincoln Barbour03/17/2009 - 3:31 pm

      Hey Matt, thanks for commenting. I actually shot all this with a Canon 5D Mark II. I used either a 50mm f/1.4 or my go to 24-70mm f/2.8. Since all these shots were pretty flat on the film plane of the camera, I could get away without using a view camera. Had we been going for that three quarter angle down look, a view camera would have been ideal for focus and depth control. Pro Photo Supply rents a Toyo view camera with a Leaf digital back and three lenses. I use it whenever I shoot architecture, but it would be great for shooting food.ReplyCancel

  • […] I am beyond excited to share with you the good news about my first major photo contest win. For the 1st Annual PDN’s Objects of Desire photo contest, I won in the Food & Still Life category for this sizzling shot of bacon. The shot, art directed by Michael Novak, was originally taken for Portland Monthly as part of a breakfast feature story. […]ReplyCancel

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