back and so strong

back and so strong
The ides-of-may has returned! Sorry for taking it down. Felt like I lost some fans. Won’t happen again.

A lot’s been happening with me since I last made a post. Got married, went to Hawaii, narrowly escaped the snow storm of the century in Portland, moved studios, had my first client party, launched a new website, and now totally rebuilt this photoblog from the ground up.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

DLR Group Columbia Gorge Community College Hood River Center-Indian Creek Campus

Staying true to my promise of posting every job I shoot this year, here’s something I wrapped up in January. The Columbia Gorge Community College Hood River Center-Indian Creek Campus is a 24,000 SF building designed by DLR Group to welcome students from all walks of life. The building features a huge fireplace that creates a warm, homey atmosphere within the building’s more formal structure.

It was a great project to photograph and I loved being able to feature students and teachers in some of the photos. It makes the interiors of the school feel alive and also gives you a good sense of scale.

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For all you photo dorks out there like me, I used a TOYO-VIEW VX23D view camera with 28mm, 60mm, and 100mm Rodenstock Digital lenses. The camera was mounted with a 39MP Leaf Aptus 75 digital back giving me 16-bit RGB file roughly 200MB in size. Old school meets new school.