Portland Monthly July 2011 – Season’s Eatings

Man, do I love shooting food. I love it almost as much as eating it. And I feel really lucky because there’s no shortage of truly great food in Portland. In fact, the most difficult thing about food here is deciding what to eat. That’s why this story by Allison Jones was so great to photograph. It’s only a small sampling of the food choices here, but these 10 dishes were all so good that I would shoot this story over again in a heartbeat.

The tricky part of this shoot was getting everything to go together in layout. Jason Blackheart’s art direction was key in dealing with the various angles, shapes, and sizes of food. His goal was to keep it simple and about the food. We decided early on that we couldn’t shoot this in studio, but wanted to make it look like it was. It was going to be too challenging to set up a traditional table top setup inside all these restaurants, so Jason’s solution was to go light and shoot everything on white foam core. To keep the lighting consistent, we always shot with natural window light coming always from the right. My processing did the rest and the spread looks fantastic. One of my favorites this year. [Read more…] about Portland Monthly July 2011 – Season’s Eatings

A Recipe for Watermelon Radish Winter Citrus Salad

Another Kevin Ward recipe for a delicious and crisp salad with seasonal ingredients.

2 Watermelon Radishes, sliced paper thin on a mandolin
1 Cara Cara Orange, segmented, juice saved
1 Grapefruit, segmented, juice saved
1 Blood Orange, segmented, juice saved
1 small bulb Fennel, peeled in 2” ribbons
Sunflower sprouts
1 Meyer Lemon, juice
3 TBSP Olive Oil
1 tsp Honey
1 tsp Tahini
Fleur de Sel
Freshly cracked Pepper

In a jar, combine citrus juices, olive oil, honey, tahini, salt, and pepper. Shake vigorously.

Toss citrus segments, fennel, and sunflower sprouts in vinaigrette.

Arrange radishes on plate. Dress radishes with fennel and citrus.

You Say Tomato

I wish these were our tomatoes. Our garden this year didn’t do too well, especially on the tomato front. It was our first summer in our new place and our garden patch was a mystery. Just a rectangular dirt patch in the backyard. We thought it would be a perfect spot for gardening. But, we think the previous owners/tenants never used it for such. Since the soil wasn’t used to growing things other than weeds, most of the starters and seeds we planted yielded very little. The tomatoes were especially sad. Next year, we’ll fertilize more. Or I might building planter boxes and fill them with really good soil.

Tasty Good Times at Besaw’s

I’m starting to believe that fate exists. About five and half years ago, my wife and I were visiting Portland to decide if we wanted to move here from Virginia. Both of us love eating out and breakfast is one of my favorite meals. If we were going to relocate to Portland, it better have a good place to go for eggs, waffles, and pancakes seven days a week.  Looking through a tour guide, Besaw’s had exactly what we were looking for and so we went. It was absolutely delicious and we knew then that moving to Portland was going be alright.

Around the same time that we were having our first Portland breakfast, a young woman named Cana Flug had just become the new owner of the 105 year old establishment. Already famous for its breakfast, over the next five years, she breathed new life into the restaurant and grew their dinner scene into one of the best night spots in Portland.

Then through an interweaving thread of shoots, people, and connections, I get a call from Cana looking for new photography of their food and dinner scene. I can’t tell you how excited I was. I love this place and I love their food and it was truly a joy to shoot. Hope you enjoy the photos and if you’re ever in town, go to Besaw’s. Go three times, because everything is so good there.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did making them. [Read more…] about Tasty Good Times at Besaw’s

Cupcake Jones – Portland, OR

It was really great to have my brother and his wife visit us last week. We did a Portland style “staycation” with them and visited all our favorite spots around town including Cupcake Jones. Absolutely beautiful and delicious cupcakes that also make for especially pleasing photo subjects.

Now it’s time to get back to work. Got a lot on my plate (so to speak).